Relationship & Sexual Therapy

Within my training as a relationship & sexual therapist, I have not been exclusively studying the psychological aspects, but also been learning and incorporating different tools and methods from a multitude of other directions, in order to give the best possible support.

I prefer a combination of conversation and bodywork. I believe out body keeps and contains all our experiences, our history and conditioning. Which is why the therapeutic work makes use of our body, to support the desired change.

We will stay dressed and I will guide you through our bodies almost exclusively with words. Touching will only be an occasional supportive measure for self-awareness.

Psychotherapy with a body oriented approach, available in german and english.


My psychological work is influenced by an queer, intersectional, feminist view and I am an LGBTQAI+ & Poly Lover and pro Sex Work.
I myself am cis, white, hetero, and neurodivergent.


The relationship and sexual therapy topics of our shared work can be truly diverse and may be held as a single session or with any or all involved partners.

A newly discovered and unleashed sexual energy may influence the coping with a personal life crisis. Or you may be asking yourself, why you have difficulties to trust other people.

Within the relationship, communicative limits may have been reached and a way forward together may seem difficult.

There may be different point of views in a relationship on the form a shared sexuality may take.

Or you may want to confront jealousy.

Within your polycule the question of lowering hierarchies may arise.

Maybe you feel that your personal sexual fantasies seem politically incorrect or you have trouble leaving a past relationship and the connected emotions behind. Or maybe you are questioning whether you want to live “poly” or whether you are “queer enough”.

In addition, sexual disorders and relationship issues are part of my work as well.

Possible Topics:

  • questions concerning relationship and their obstacles
    (monogamy, polygamy, polyamory, relationship anarchist)
  • problems of communication
  • friendship in crisis
  • relationship and trauma
  • relationship and neurodiversity
  • kink & BDSM
  • seuxal phantasies and desires
  • jealousy
  • so called sexual dysfunctions
  • asexuality
  • qestioning self-identity and self-identity development
  • sexuality and online dating
  • sexuality and depression
  • sexuality and family